Friday, September 29, 2006

Inside Look

An intimate look into the family routine.

So yesterday morning the girls and I are all snuggled up in my bed, mostly asleep, but at that point where you can sort of hear what's going on around you. (Yeah, we're like cats that way.) I hear the 2-year-old sit up next to me, so I open my eyes. There's a naked husband standing over me, wearing his towel like a kilt.

I close my eyes. It is just way too early for this.

Sia looks up at her dad and says, "Where's you hair?"

I open my eyes again. She's right. He's bald. Funny, he wasn't bald last night. In fact, he was downright shaggy by Marine Corps standards.

"You're bald," I say.

"Yeah." I'd better close those eyes for another minute.

I reach my hand up. Bizarro Dad obligingly lowers his head so I can feel the baldness. Alas! Nubs!

"You're all nubby."

"Yeah. I only used the clippers this time. I'm all out of razors."

"Aw man."

"Where's you hair?"

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