Monday, January 01, 2007

2007, Here I Come

I hate making New Year's resolutions, for no other reason than calling my goals "New Year's Resolutions" make them all guaranteed to fail. Seriously, it's like giving them a holiday-inspired title is like permission to slack off. "Oh, who cares, it's just a New Year's resolution, nobody keeps those."

So, my goals for the year 2007 are:
  1. Get on that treadmill three times a week. But first, I should plug it in.
  2. Spend more time playing with and teaching the kids and less time doing my own thing while they watch the same movie four times in a row.
  3. Register my daughter for kindergarten EARLY, not at the last minute, so that she can be in Ms. C's class, just like her cousins on her father's side were.
  4. Not let anyone else move into the house who I didn't give birth to. (Seriously, if one more sibling tries to slide in here...)
  5. Enroll in college and see if I can work toward finishing my degree (if we have the money).
  6. Attend my 10 Year high school reunion and NOT feel ashamed that I didn't do more with my life. Because really, I think I've done okay. You try making babies as pretty as mine and serving them HOMEMADE BABY FOOD.
  7. Figure out my digital camera, including how to make it work with this dang computer.
  8. Ease up on the swearing.
  9. Make some baby blankets for some pregnant friends of mine. Preferably before they give birth.
  10. Get us on track with the bills so my dad can buy a house and move out like he wants to and get married in his new house to his nice girlfriend. (I wonder if Gina will be a flower girl?)
  11. Not be so mean. (Except when I'm yelling at the TV. That'll be my outlet.)
  12. Take down the Christmas tree and other decorations before the end of January.

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