Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Growth

Today I finally found a store that sells lavender plants (other than the Butterfly Center at the Museum of Natural Science). I was so excited, I bought eight pots.

Now I just have to find room to plant them all. Oh, except for one pot, which goes to Grandma.

I also found an unusual species of tomato called Mr. Stripey. I'm not sure what it'll taste like, but I hope I can grow it.

When I told Bizarro Dad about what I bought, he said, "Is it planting time already?" When I assured him that it was, he said something about cold weather. "But honey," I said, "you turned on the air conditioner today."

Yes, that's right, spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the leaves are slowly budding on the trees, and the breeze from my air conditioner signals the start of growing season.


N said...

The lack of snow in my back yard signals that it is time to clean up about three months worth of dog poop.

My wife's tulips are poking through the ground... probably just in time to get killed by a late frost.

Kids will be planting tomato plants tomorrow, and alas, I will be studying, and studying, and studying...

me said...

spring is in the air.

the hormones are flying in the junior highs, pheromones all over the high schools...

my back yard is a forest of bonsai, with some tennis balls buried messily in the pots and dog poo dotted between rows of plants.