Sunday, June 10, 2007

Heart attack on a bun

Last weekend, six different kinds of animals died for our dinner:
  1. Shrimp
  2. Catfish
  3. Pig (bacon for the shrimp, plus hot dogs and sausage)
  4. Cow (beef fajitas and hamburger patties)
  5. Chicken (chicken fajitas)
  6. Turkey (turkey patties and grilled turkey breast, which was supposed to be turkey fajitas but in reality was turkey jerky)

Also giving up the ghost were several mosquitos, which were not used in food prep but unwillingly gave their lives when burned by the massive fire erupting suddenly from my dad's BBQ pit.

But don't worry about our health, good people. I also made some white rice.


N said...

Well, you have us beat. We only had:

1. Shrimp (sauteed & in eggrolls)
2. Pork (in sauce & in eggrolls)
3. Chicken (grilled)
4. Mahi Mahi (grilled)
5. A large horsefly, which the neighbor's horse of a dog caught in midair and swallowed. blech.

We did not cook white rice.

Manny said...

God, I'm hungry now.