Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dear Betty Crocker

I don't know which executive thought it was a bright idea to discontinue the SuperMoist Cinnamon Swirl Cake Mix, but s/he was an absolute IDIOT to do so, especially now that Christmas is here. I cannot tell you how many requests I get for Cinnamon Swirl Cake With Raisins from family and friends. Now I've had to improvise with the Butter Pecan, which, by the way, tastes like really old banana bread that should have been tossed into the trash can a week ago. The fool in charge of making this kind of product decision needs a foot in the ass. Bring back the Cinnamon Swirl!

The preceding is a copy of the letter I sent to Betty Crocker Consumer Services. I expect to be presented with a picture of a size nine in someone's rectum any day now, along with a twelve-pack of Cinnamon Swirl cake mix.
Image courtesy of, who are really nice people that would LOVE to sell me a twelve-pack of Cinnamon Swirl cake mix, if only Betty Crocker would get off her fat ass and put it back in production.

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Kenny Gabriel said...

I really agree with you on this.... I'm still waiting for them to release this again. This was soooo good and such a wonderful recipe and I can't believe they didnt discontinue the butter pecan recipe instead of this. When I wrote to the representative she stated that the sales on this product was too low and that, though they didnt want to get rid of the recipe, it was necessary from a sales perspective that they take it off of the shelves. I was infuriated about this! It was soooo damn good! We should gather a coalition of people together to fight this!

Kenny L Gabriel