Thursday, March 20, 2008

Freaking hilarious

Sorry I've not posted in a long time. I hope to rectify that just as soon as I can get motivated (by which I mean when the temperature rises too high for me to do anything but stay indoors all day).

I've got two videos for all you gamers out there who have a sense of humor (you overly serious types need to get over yourselves, because there is more to life than having ten level 70 characters).

First one I can only link to, since GraveD1gger has disabled embedding (that adorable little anal-retentive wack-job). Check out Guild Wars vs. WoW on YouTube. For those of you not familiar with Guild Wars or World of Warcraft, they are the same game, only with different people. No, Bizarro Dad, they are not different, I don't care if GW has better graphics while WoW has better game play, they are the same damn thing. They don't even have different people, really, because you play with the same people on both games, you kept the same character name, and you do the exact same shit.

The second video I'm attempting to embed. It's Part One of a series called The Guild. All seven episodes are available to view on YouTube, or you can check out their website,

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Justin said...

These look good. I'm going to have to watch these tonight when I get bored of actually playing games.