Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween hasn't even arrived and I'm already planning Thanksgiving

Since my dear hubby, Bizarro Dad, usually works on Thursdays, and will probably have to go in on Thanksgiving Day, I've decided that perhaps we could have a small Thanksgiving the day before, which is his regular day off, and just have his family over. Then that leaves me free Thursday to make the rounds visiting my relatives. So far his sister doesn't mind the idea, but we have to see what his mom will say. Seeing as mom-in-law doesn't work outside the home, I don't see why she'd object, but still, I'm going to wait until she says yes before I rush out and buy a turkey.

In the meantime, I've found some very interesting recipes in my gi-normous Box-O'-Recipes from the good people at Easy to Bake, Easy to Make. There's this strange little pastry that's made from prepackaged breadstick dough, reshaped to look like a cornucopia, and stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, cranberries, and apricot preserves (or, if you prefer, cream cheese, strawberries, and strawberry preserves). There's also this apple stuffing that looks neat, but instead of serving it on the plate, you serve it in a scooped-out, precooked, sliced-in-half acorn squash! It does look cute that way, but I want to know how I'm supposed to cook the squash. Do I bake it? Do I microwave it? Can I do it the night before so I'm not having to worry about cooking it at the same time as my turkey, yams, rolls, and cornucopias?

What about you? What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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