Friday, December 16, 2005

And another thing!

That movie that I ripped on, Herbie. In the final race, the antagonist (Trip Murphy, a.k.a. Matt Dillon's career-destroying role) uses his stock car to slam into the side of Lohan's little Herbie. Not nudging, but slamming it into the wall. Just trying to cause an accident.

Me: Bizarro Dad, is he allowed to do that? It looks unsafe.
BD: No, dear. It's one thing to nudge the car next to you, but what he's doing is illegal, and he would get a Black Flag for that.
Me: Then why doesn't he get a Black Flag?
BD: Because this is a movie.
Me: They were all ready to give her the Black Flag at the beginning of the race when she was way behind all the other cars. They want to take people out of the race for not flooring it right away, but they'll leave 'em in when they try to cause explosive car wreckage?
BD: ... Mo. Vie.

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Anonymous said...

I know how to ruin a movie, too. By saying things like "Oh, that totally wouldn't happen in real life! The cops would be swarming all over the place."

Sadly, that one line could be used for about 90% of the movies we watch.