Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Conservative hate

Will somebody please tell me why the hell conservative politicians still associate themselves with Ann Coulter?

In case you didn't click on that link, Coulter went before the Conservative Political Action Conference and, in a piddling attempt at a joke, called Presidential hopeful John Edwards a faggot. And got a slow but building laugh.

I know liberals tend to call far-right conservatives a bunch of hate mongers and imbeciles. Normally I would say it's wrong to label an entire group of people in such a way, but I think we can safely say the above statement is true of the CPAC at the very least.

I'm pretty sure many of the audience members were people who identify themselves as Christians. Where were their Christian consciences telling them that Jesus doesn't like it when you call people names? Particularly a peaceful man whose wife has battled breast cancer? Heck, where was their BASIC HUMAN DECENCY?!

Yeah, I suppose I should be more outraged at Ann Coulter, but as I said elsewhere, this kind of moronic attempt at a joke is something I expect from the woman who went on the air and said that the United States allows Canada to be our neighbor.

Instead, I find myself appalled that no person in that audience booed the woman down, or went on record calling for her to apologize, or yelled at her that she's a horsey, man-faced bitch, or called her a Godless whore, or anything like that. (Yeah, I know. Jesus doesn't like it when you call people names. Clearly the audience didn't have a problem with name-calling in general, or there wouldn't have been any applause at all. If they're going to support name-calling, they can call someone who acts like a bitch a bitch.)

I'd also like to know how calling a man a faggot constitutes political action. Rednecks who couldn't pass eighth grade might be impressed by the political connotations, but I fail to see why elected officials with degrees find that kind of thing helpful to their cause. Do you see, Conservative Politicians? Ann Coulter's idiotic remarks and, more importantly, YOUR REACTION TO HER are the reasons why liberals and even moderates think you're a bunch of inbred hillbilly morons. Of course, Ann Coulter wouldn't have told that "joke" if she weren't counting on exactly the reaction she got. So even Ann Coulter thinks you're all inbred hillbilly morons.

You should feel insulted, but not by me.


Anonymous said...

I saw that same video clip at, and was thoroughly disgusted with it. Whoever invited her needs to have their head examined.

I have to disagree with you on the "no one in the audience booed" part; though I didn't hear the word "boo" persay, I did hear a lot of people groaning before some of the audience started clapping. To say that the entire CPAC is guilty of being hate mongers and imbeciles because of a few stupid-ass idiots who clapped and cheered isn't entirely accurate, either. Plenty of people at CPAC were disgusted with her too.

Conservatives certainly don't have the corner on the "hate market"; an obscenity-laden speech by Whoopi Goldberg (complete with her groping herself) at a fundraiser for John Kerry in 2004 comes to mind, along with several other examples of liberal "love and tolerance"...

The GOP candidates did denounce Coulter for her remarks.
The word f-ggot certainly isn't limited to Republicans.
Nor is obscene speech altogether...

(getting off my soapbox now). You can delete this comment if you want... It wasn't exactly kosher of me to show up and dispute parts of your post.

Sleepless Mama said...

Why is it not kosher to respond honestly to my thoughts on a public matter? You may certainly disagree with me and dispute. That's what the Constitution is for.

I certainly agree that use of the word "faggot" is not limited to Republicans or half-wit rednecks. I heard a Latino say it just the other day, I hear black people say it (political preference unknown), I hear all kinds of people say that hateful word all over the place.

None of them, I noticed, were claiming to be conservative politicians (or political authors) at the time, nor were they addressing a conference attended by governors and senators. No, they were flipping off other motorists on the freeway, privately talking smack about coworkers, and trying to provoke each other into fistfights. Those are the times when I expect jerks to use that word. Not in a room full of politicians, at least some of whom are good Christians (at least for their voters). Certainly not at a conference of professionals for the American Conservative Union.

As far as the GOP denouncing her remarks, I am glad to hear they did make a statement. However, I know it takes time to issue a public statement, but it still strikes me as odd that they didn't issue any statements until after all the civil rights groups started firing off statements of their own. Even that, I suppose, could be excused, but I still want to know why nobody got up AT THE CONFERENCE and immediately said that the remarks were out of line and that Annie needed to shut her piehole if she couldn't conduct herself like a professional.

I do enjoy a political debate that includes the word "piehole."