Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reflections on an idle Thursday

You know what's sad? When your someone in your family wishes you'd get a divorce because they hate your spouse AND think the relationship is crap. And one of them secretly tells your ex.

You know what's funny? Being the ex. Because even though it is so wrong to laugh at the misfortunes of others, it is situationally hilarious when the one who was dumped for a specific flaw is replaced by a person who turns out to have that flaw in spades.

However, one must remember that none of us are better than any other. We are all equally flawed in different ways. The wife, for example, is probably super-organized and keeps a spotless house; the ex-girlfriend, meanwhile, is a terrible housekeeper and subject to mood swings, but at least she's sensible enough not to travel to a foreign country and have plastic surgery against her parents' AND husband's wishes (especially since it would be the husband who's paying for it, most likely out of the money he was saving for tuition).

How's the new honker working out for ya, hon? Let's hope the surgeons in that impoverished country kept very clean instruments. Also, get a modeling job once the bruising is gone, because I have a feeling you'll be needing the money.

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