Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Questions for the Readers

Okay, ladies and gents, it's time for you to settle an argument. (Not a serious one, mind you, but one that's annoying me.)

If a husband, after getting off work at midnight, stays out until 2:00 AM and doesn't call (he usually does, just not this time), does that man have a right to tell his wife, when she's going to her best friend's house, not to come home at an "ungodly hour" (which he then defines as "midnight or something"). Even if the best friend lives around the corner? Does the answer change if alcohol is involved (which it wasn't in either case, but I'm just saying)?

As a side question, when there is concern over a local pervert running around quietly breaking into houses and exposing himself to children, is there a difference between a man leaving his kids home alone late at night with only their mother there and a woman leaving her kids home with only their father there? Does the lateness of hour make a difference? Does it matter if there are guns in the house? Does it make a difference if one spouse is more proficient with firearms than the other?

And for the record, I didn't stay out past 11:00, my husband is a police academy cadet, not a wimp or a fraidy cat, and his brother the police officer was here, too. Also, how is it that I can get the kids pajama-ed and in bed by bedtime, but my husband doesn't even know how to get them in their room?

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N said...

Answer 1: What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If he expects you in early, there is no excuse for him to stay out until 2AM.

Answer 2: I think you ought to put small signs in the bedroom windows saying: "If you are a sexual predator, and are breaking into this house, you will be leaving in one of two ways: Horizontal in a hearse, or handcuffed with your severed weenie in a paper bag."

Whaddya think?