Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who's a trekkie?

This is my new wallpaper. I don't care if makes me a nerd-girl, Star Trek is one of those shows that's cheesy AND awesome at the same time.
Seriously, why is it that whenever the Enterprise ever had a problem, they always referred back to the knowledge of Earth in the 19oo's? Never the 21st century, and never any time before the 20th, was there an appropriate scenario from which to extract the know-how to get out of a hostile alien situation. Bazookas may have been a product of the 19oo's (and even that's debatable, because what is a bazooka if not a hand-held cannon?), but gun powder wasn't invented in the 20th century, Captain, so can we see you giving the ancient Chinese some credit? Hmm? Oh well. I suppose I should be grateful that space-captains of the future will have studied the century I was born in so well that they can concoct the same weapons Schwarzenegger used out of rocks. Now if only we can get them to distract the aliens with that song "Inna-Gotta-Da-Vida." Now THAT is some ingenuity.
If this post makes no sense, it's because I'm drinking coffee for the first time in 12 years. I hate it! It sucks! But I'm awake! Quick, gimme a broom and dustpan, before the caffeine high goes away!
Thanks to N for the recommendation and especially thanks to The Echosphere Webmistress for concocting these posters.


Manny said...

How about drinking a whole pot and cleaning my carpet?

Sleepless Mama said...

Just put some Windex on it, Manny, and scrub carefully with a washcloth. Pet stains will disappear before your very eyes.

Oh, and I am NEVER drinking coffee again. Even after brushing my teeth, I can't get that nasty taste out of my mouth. Why do people LIKE this stuff?! DISGUSTING.

N said...

Hahahaha... You know? It's funny; I LOVE the smell of coffee, but have never enjoyed drinking it.

No, instead I fill up on fattening, bloating Coke or Dr. Pepper.

Is it sad that when I looked at all of the Star Trek posters, I recognized almost every episode? Gah!

Commander Mojdeh said...

Hello stranger! I was searching for an specific illustration of the enterprise w/tech specs [don't worry I am neither giant 40 year old man, nor do I live in my mom's basement!], when much to my surprise I stumbled upon your blog post.

I was cracking up as I read it!

You might enjoy my star trek blog I've been blogging about each episode of next gen in order. Still in the first season so if you'd like to keep up with me and also blog that'd be cool too!