Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mama said there'd be days like this...

but she never said they'd require a tetanus shot!

That's right, loyal reader(s?). I stepped on Bizarro Dad's tie pin--a really thick one--and got that thing rammed straight into the heel of my right foot. Lucky for me it's not rusted or anything like that, but I still do need to get a tetanus shot by Monday. I shudder to think what would have happened if one of the girls had stepped on it. What the heck was it doing on the floor anyway? And why was the little clasp thingy lying next to it instead of covering it?

When I called Bizarro Dad to ask what I should do (he's an EMT), he told me that I should wrap the wound in bacon (presumably raw), tie it with a string, wrap my whole foot in plastic, and go to sleep like that. I desperately hoped he was kidding, but no. He was quite serious. Bacon, he told me, would draw out any shards of metal that were left in my foot. Upon examination of the foul little pin of pain and my poor little foot, however, he felt that the bacon treatment would be unnecessary. In the meantime, I need to keep an eye out for redness, swelling, or a hard little knot that would indicate an infection.

Too bad about that bacon thing, though. It would be quite the conversation piece at church on Sunday.

Me: How was your weekend, Isabel?
Isa: Oh, not bad. Went to the movies, took my son to the skating rink, went to the beauty shop and got my nails done. You?
Me: I spent Friday night sleeping on the recliner with bacon on my foot.
Isa: Oh, that's nice...wait, what?!

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week!

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