Saturday, July 28, 2007

Inappropriate yet commonplace comments

  • So, the girl we're having this baby shower for, does she have a boyfriend or a fiance or something?
  • Your daughter's pregnant? Better get out that shotgun.
  • Oh, you're a single mom. Do all your kids have the same father?
  • Oh, you're a single mom. Are you ever going to get back together with your kid's father?
  • I know she's married, but do all her kids come from the same daddy?
  • How long after you got pregnant did you get married?
  • She has a figure like you used to have.
  • Pregnant? You should have got her a dog.
  • Are those kids mixed? What is their father?

And yes, I have heard every single one of these comments, either to me, about me, and/or about family or friends.

What is wrong with society today? I know the modern human family is being redefined daily and women don't have to walk around with a scarlet "A" on their chests anymore, and certainly people are more open about what they do. But seriously, have we fallen so far that we assume promiscuity at every turn? Are we so low that we don't even have manners anymore?

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