Thursday, February 02, 2006

John Denver rides again!


That's right, folks. According to my dad, the character Snook the Sloth from the new PBS show Big Big World kind of sucks because, as he puts it, "That main animal is always singing some kind of John Denver songs."

To be fair, Snook does sing a lot. Usually with guitar background music. And his songs are very...folksy? Country folksy? I don't know, people, I only learned to play one John Denver song back in college, and that was for Guitar 101. I do not know his "style" other than it was slow and simple enough for beginners to catch on easily.

In any case, catch John Denver Reborn on PBS, and let the next generation experience his puppeteered personality and angelic voice. Check your local listings.

P.S. Tee-hee to Jenny, who actually slipped on a banana peel. Hope you feel better, hon.

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Cowboy said...

Mmmmm... John Denver. My 6-yr old LOVES John Denver music. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the sofa with me in the basement and listen to John Denver music while she talks with me.