Monday, February 27, 2006

The coming of the storm

Bizarro Dad's brother is finally moving back to Houston after 4 years in the Marine Corps. For the first time in almost six years, my husband and his brother will be living in the same city again.

I quiver with fear.

Not because my brother-in-law is a bad guy or anything. But because I fear the kinds of crazy that will come upon my husband, having his little brother around. My man's already begging me to let him buy a paintball gun so the two of them can go shoot the crap out of each other. Which is fine and all, but they don't wear any protective gear besides a helmet. And I would not put it past my brother-in-law to shoot someone in the sac, whether accidentally or "accidentally."

I would like to try for a boy some time in the next three years, but how am I supposed to do that if my husband is rendered infertile by an errant blue-paint-filled marble?

Kids are doing better, recovering slowly. Baby Sia gave me a scare this morning with some seriously bad coughing, but she's not getting fever every two or three hours anymore, so that's an improvement. I just wish her congestion would stop already. It's getting seriously gross.

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Cowboy said...

Hope you're doing better today! Are the kids doing any better now?