Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Salsa

Have you seen that Verizon Wireless commercial, the one where the (nerdy) dad is all happy that he got everyone on the Family Share plan, so now wherever they go, they'll "have the network?" And he hands a phone to his Goth son, all "And when you go...wherever it is you go..."

Is it just me, or does his son look more like a mime than a Goth?


Ah, Superbowl Sunday. A time when men sack out on the couch and shout obscenities at the TV, and women prepare great volumns of junk food and shout obscenities at their husbands. Not that I've ever done this. Much. In any case, on this holiest of American holy days, how are YOU worshipping the pagan god of football? Are you wearing medals of St. Sebastian, the Patron Saint of Athletes? Or are you perhaps more inclined to pray to St. Bernadine of Siena, the Patron Saint of Compulsive Gambling? Or maybe you're worried about the pounding your team is going to take? There's a list of 14 Patron Saints of Victims of Abuse, although I think those saints might get a bit angry, and say that their saintly favors are reserved for people who don't fight each other over a pigskin for a living. Then again, you may be on a money-making end of this whole game thing, in which case you can call on St. Matthew the Apostle, Patron Saint of Bookkeepers.

Best of luck to both teams! And by "luck," I mean, "no permanent physical damage."


Is anyone else addicted to Sudoku Online? I don't know why, but I can't stop playing it! Part-Time Gamer would be proud. Or else, he (they) would think I'm a wack job for liking a game with no graphics and no movement. Sorry, guys. I'm not a Metroid kind of gal.


Did anyone besides elementary school teachers even remember that Thursday was Groundhog Day? Did anyone bother checking a groundhog? I recall seeing a front page article about the groundhog predictions back when I was in first grade. Good sweet Mike, that was 20 years ago! Gack! I'm old! Look away, look away!


Cowboy said...

First grade? Twenty years ago? Hon, you're still a spring chicken! (Isn't that what they call you young people nowadays?)

I'm practically ready for my senior citizen discount here!

And I might be one of the only males in North America not to spend the afternoon in front of the TV yesterday.

Justin said...

I spent all Sunday installing ceiling fans with partner Otis of PTG. I also though Sudoku online was great. I just haven't had anytime to play..with all my Metriod Prime 2 going on :)