Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine surprises

This one was from my dad. I adore this kind of candy. (It's the hazelnuts. And the chocolate. Mmmm...chocccccolattttttte...haaaaaaazelnuuuuuuts.)

This is an approximate picture of one of the gifts from my husband, Bizarro Dad. I say approximate because for some reason Google Images won't give me the correct picture of the Lavender Joy Garden available on 1800flowers.com.

This space is left blank, to be replaced by whatever else it is Bizarro Dad got for me, which should be delivered today. He told me he got more than one thing. Even though I told him not to get me ANYTHING. He's so sweet and thoughtful. and the bulb garden really is something I love. I even managed to refrain from telling him, "Honey, the reason we agreed not to get Valentine's gifts was so we could save a little money for our anniversary next month, but now you have not only spent all the money in your monthly allowance, but mine too. Oh, I know, you think you've not done that, because you used the credit card (against explicit orders, no less). But you see, now I have to repeat my lecture about how credit cards work, and how much interest we're paying on your card alone. But I guess it doesn't matter. We can just not celebrate our anniversary."

Yeah, I didn't say any of that, because I didn't want to Spoil the Moment or be The Wife Who's Never Satisfied, and because I really do like my gift. I think I'm going to go to my room and cry now, and I don't know why I'm going to do this, but I feel it is something I need to do. Maybe it's the hormones. And since he's napping on the couch (instead of going to work, like he's SUPPOSED TO), he won't even know I'm doing it.

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Cowboy said...

Nice Valentine's gifts! Husbands are kind of stupid that way (I'm totally speaking from experience).

I got a cake caddy, three frosting bags, and (I couldn't help it) a dozen short-stemmed roses.

I'm in the hole $20.00, but that's not tooooo bad, and I think it's worth it.