Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quick update

Thank you for the well wishes and good thoughts. We sure do need 'em! The older one is recovering well, but now the younger one is sick, and she's not doing well at all. I'm pinning my hopes on God and antibiotics. All prayers are appreciated.

Viewer recommendations:
  1. Jakers: The Adventures of Piggley Winks. Shown daily on PBS. Funny and entertaining, especially if you (by which I mean "your kids") like accents and storytelling.
  2. America's Test Kitchens. Also a PBS weekday show. Covers both basic and complex recipes, as well as general food education Two bonuses: usually has a segment on kitchen equipment (testinging all brands and prices of, say, baking dishes, and finding out that the $9 Pyrex is better than the $95 thing with grooves on the bottom) and another segment on comparative testing of prepackaged food products (who knew that of all the boxes of brownie mix, only Ghirardeli actually tastes like chocolate?).

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